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“We need to leave the world with a legacy of meaning, not just a financial one.” – Laura A. Roser, Founder and CEO of Paragon Road

Paragon Road is the leader in meaning legacy planning or non-financial estate planning. This site provides educational programs, courses and workshops which teach practical methods to design an exceptional legacy. In short, your legacy is your impact on the world and those you love. In order to have the greatest impact, it is essential to develop and pass on your non-financial assets (such as your wisdom, values, talents, spiritual views, stories, etc.).

Paragon Road originally focused on one-on-one consulting and packaging up our clients’ legacies to be passed on to their families. But, over time, more and more people kept expressing the desire to be taught our Meaning Legacy process so that they could create their own legacy pieces. We developed this site for the do-it-yourselfer who has the time and interest to create pieces of their own.

This site is set up to allow you to pick and chose which courses apply to what you’re interested in. You can choose your own path and decide which components are most-important for your legacy and take the appropriate courses. One thing we pride ourselves on is providing practical, actionable advice.

Our Effective Content Pledge

Our philosophy at Paragon Road Courses is to deliver the highest-quality content in the shortest amount of time. Or as Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” You’d be surprised at how much you can learn in just a few minutes. It can be the difference between extraordinary results and mediocre ones.

An expert chef can make baking a soufflé look easy. But that sense of ease is only possible because of how hard that chef has worked. It’s the years of training, experience and trial and error that make the difference. Even though you may be a disaster in the kitchen, that same chef could show you the exact steps to make an award-winning soufflé and as long as you followed every single step, you could master that particular dish quickly. You still wouldn’t be able to do anything else in the kitchen, but if baking a soufflé is your only objective, becoming a trained chef is a waste of time.

Our experts have been through the same kind of grueling experience as a Michelin-trained chef within their niches and our courses are the result. Sometimes making the complex simple (and applicable) is significantly more difficult than spraying you with information through a fire hose. Our courses are not meant to turn you into an expert. They are meant to help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

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